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We Love Science Projects At Our Preschool

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

We Love Preschool Science Projects!

We made Salt Crystal Snowflakes in January during our winter science month, the kids had lots of fun stirring the water, pouring in the salt and checking to see if it was dissolving or not and dipping in the pipe cleaners and yarn. We made fun colorful formations. These projects teach the kids about taking turns, patient, waiting can give you some neat results and that replicating items in nature is so much fun.

This month ones we have planned are teaching color, light and plant growth. We will be refracting light to make rainbows and showing the kids how you can mix primary colors to make other colors. Then we will do some seed art and learn about the parts of a plant and how they work together with the earth, sun and water to help the plant grow and we will actually start some seed sprouts. We enjoy seeing the wonderment and pride the kids have when the experiment products results. Kids are never too young to be interested in how the world around them works and we will always strive to provide these opportunities for your children to explore and create and learn here at Pinebrook Montessori.

Here are some links where you can find projects you can try for fun with your little one:

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