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We welcome children ages 6 weeks to 17 months old. We “follow the child” and let infants explore in a safe and loving environment and ensure they are safe and held when needed. There are beautiful Montessori materials for infants to explore with low shelving to develop fine-motor skills. There are opportunities for self-reflection in the mirrors we have safely installed on our walls, plush materials for gross motor development, railing, ramps, and low steps for children to practice climbing when they are ready to. We offer a unique ratio to allow for a consistent and individualized experience for your child.

We offer a nurturing environment where your child will have a routine based on his needs. Feeding, sleeping, playing, and learning will be based on your child’s schedule and will always involve a calm and loving approach. We will work with you to make sure your child’s routine at school is aligned with your schedule at home. Our dedicated teachers will make sure you receive a daily written schedule of their day so that you can always be informed. We have an open-door policy for our families and welcome you to come to check on your child to see how they are doing. Come visit us and see our incredible infant program and understand we are a team in helping with the development of your child.

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