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We welcome children ages 18 months to 24 months old. We “follow the child” and let toddlers explore in a safe and loving environment and ensure they are safe and held when needed. There are beautiful Montessori materials for toddlers to explore with low shelving to develop fine-motor skills. There are opportunities for self-reflection in the mirrors we have safely installed on our walls, plush materials for gross motor development, railing, ramps, and low steps for children to practice climbing when they are ready to. We offer a unique ratio to allow for a consistent and individualized experience for your child.

Children during this period in their lives need order, independence, language, and movement. We provide an environment for your child to begin caring for himself. You will see at this age they start to put on their coats, peel an egg for a snack, clean up after themselves, and are observing and absorbing language. Language is an integral part of their experience at Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center and our trained and dedicated teachers will read to your child often, and provide the language necessary for them to learn to express themselves. They learn to be happier because they are able to communicate with you about their needs. This alleviates the necessary crying they might exhibit to communicate their needs to you.

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