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We employ age-appropriate programs here in Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center. We believe that children will learn the most if we facilitate learning and not just shove lessons into their delicate minds. Our goal is to allow them to enjoy their childhood while taking pleasure in discovering things through various activities, structured games, and personal interaction.

Our programs here are designed based on our children’s age and developmental stage. These programs are as follows:

We provide an exceptionally-stimulating environment for children in the very first phase of their formative years. We increase their attachment to nurturing adults in a structured learning setting that enhances physical, emotional, mental, and social growth.

The ideal setting for highly-explorative and curious little tikes is always provided at Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center. We offer a one-of-a-kind guided learning program that helps your toddlers discover more about themselves and their own little world.

We provide safe, age-appropriate, and interactive learning activities that enhance an individual child’s learning experience in so many ways. Our superior preschool program offers the ideal preparatory learning for children who are about to transition to kindergarten.

Our more advanced pre-kindergarten program offers a complete range of interactive activities, creative play, and structured games that increase a child’s readiness for kindergarten. We offer more complex activities that challenge and mold a child’s mind in the most effective and efficient ways.


We believe that music can be a powerful tool to use when it comes to educating children. We believe that music can inspire creativity, improve listening skills, provide self-esteem, and enable your child to properly express themselves.


Do you want your child to learn a second language? By learning a second language, you are broadening their horizons and improving their chances for success in the future. At Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center, we are proudly offering Spanish lessons taught through music, stories, songs, and books.


At Pinebrook Montessori Kids Enrichment Center, we endeavor to provide your child with knowledge in four key disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). With our STEM program, we are preparing your child for advanced learning and education.


We believe in letting the children learn through play, and part of that is allowing your children to explore and express their creative sides through arts and crafts. We have prepared various art activities and projects that will encourage and improve your children’s creativity, innovation, and art skills.

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