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Learning with Music at Pinebrook Montessori Daycare

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

    Music plays an important role in children’s lives. Here at Pinebrook Montessori, we will integrate music into each day. We realise that babies connect well to soothing soft voices and that toddlers love the new sounds at playtime. We learn what your children like best and encourage them at all stages and ages to explore, try new items, and they will come to know that music will be a happy way for them to connect to their caregivers.

Each age group uses music in varying ways and for purposes that build on to each other and add to their skills by enhancing the ways in which they learn with their senses. Infants respond to the melody of a song long before they understand the words. They will copy sounds and then start moving to the music as soon as they are able. Sing simple songs to infants in a soft voice or play soft music to relax them before a nap time or when they are fussy. Try making one or two sentence songs about bathing, dressing, or eating to sing to them while you do these activities. As they grow and recognize these little songs they will know what they need to do and sing them with you. It really helps them to become self-dependent and confident in themselves. They love the sounds and activeness from playing, touching and discovering instruments.

     Toddlers love to mimic sounds, sing and dance and can often learn some simple gestures that follow along with songs. The key concept in their learning from music is the repetition of songs, which encourages memorization and allows them to follow along and learn from visual cues. Learning to do this with music, helps them copy this concept type for other areas of learning. Silly gestures and funny songs make them laugh and engage them in following along and relaxing in their environment for the day. They form attachments quickly with those they can be silly with.

Preschoolers love singing, they find joy and confidence in knowing the words, the actions that go with a song, it allows them to be physically active, engaging and a source of fun. Interactive works well with them when a song is involved. Music awakens their memorization skills. They like songs that are full of repeat rhythms, words and melodies, with a  beat. They are helpful when encourage to do small chores, like cleaning up their toys during a song that encourages this activity. Preschool children memorize nursery rhymes and songs about familiar things like animals, playthings, activities, and people. They also like using hand signs, large body actions like jumping, twirling, clapping and finger pointing to things with or without music.

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